It’s Here

We look forward to this week, we Golf Nerds do.

I totally get why non-golfers look askance at us during the second weekend of April. There’s the schmaltzy music, the hushed tones of reverence from one of the most transparently phony announcers in the history of sports, and the ever-present green jacketed Great (mostly) White (mostly) Fathers of Augusta . . .

But we look forward to this week.

We look forward to it despite the relatively weak field that is the makeup of The Masters. Past champions are (mostly) welcome to play, regardless of age and current form. There are six amateurs, none of whom really have the proverbial snowball’s chance of winning. Outside of the top 50 ranked golfers, there may be players who won a single event over the past year (Seung-Yul Noh, anyone?), or those who squeaked in with a high finish here or in one of the other major tournaments last year (come on down, Jonas Blixt and Kevin Stadler!).

We look forward to it despite the Great (mostly) White (mostly) Fathers of Augusta insistence on designating “spectators” as “patrons.” And banishing those from the booth who dare to treat the proceedings with anything less than reverence (see you later, Gary McCord and Jack Whitaker). And trademarking the phrase, “A Tradition Like No Other.”

But we look forward to this week.

We look forward to Arnie, Jack, and Gary striking the ceremonial first tee shot (an honor once bestowed to The Slammer, Lord Byron, and Bantam Ben).

We look forward to the par-3 competition, where Nicklaus can still wow the patrons and Tiger can actually be seen having fun with his children.

We look forward to seeing which one of the designated Old Lions (Tom Watson, Fred Couples, Berhard Langher) can turn back the clock and at least make it to the weekend.

We look forward to the seeing course itself, which despite whatever the vagrancies of March have wrought, is always in pristine condition, azaleas blooming, tall pines framing immaculate fairways on each hole.

And we look forward to fireworks on the back nine (particularly on Sunday), which may be the greatest collection of risk/reward holes on the planet. And produces shots like this:

Bubba from the woods.

Larry Mize breaks Greg Norman’s heart.

The Golden Bear’s Last Stand.

Phil’s Gamble.

Nike’s greatest advertisement.

Although Davis did it first.

And finally this.

And whether it’s with the guys in the 19th hole at my club, or with a totally disinterested ex, or with a bunch of strangers in a cigar bar in San Diego – we look forward to this week.

Game on.

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