(Brief) Monday Morning Musings

Not that anyone asked, but . . .

  • The Open Championship may have lacked final round drama, but the site, the fans, and especially the victor made for an exceptional weekend of viewing. More Royal Portrush, more Irish links courses, and more Irish golf fans, please!
  • Brooks Koepka arriving late to the final round of this past weekend’s WGC event in Memphis and summarily kicking Rory McIlroy’s butt is as badass as it gets in professional golf.
  • I’ll be writing more about this later, but there’s drama surrounding Michael Keiser’s latest development effort in the Northern Highlands of Scotland, as a group of local citizenry who are fearful of a repeat of Donald Trump’s bullying efforts (and subsequent negative environmental impact) in building his course in Aberdeen has mounted stout opposition to Keiser’s proposed Coul Links. Anyone who has visited any of Keiser’s golf outposts knows that his approach for both golf course and lodging development is understated and sensitive to the environment. The outcome should be . . . interesting.
  • The weather here in the Rockies is ideal for golf right now, and it’s manifesting itself with busy activity at all of the local courses in Steamboat Springs, including the one at which I’m employed. This has cut into my writing time a bit; I hope to get back into a more regular schedule soon. In the meantime, a quick story from yesterday’s work day:
    • My experience at most clubs is that there is a certain small percentage of players/members who complain about . . . well, about everything. One such member at my club has something upon which to harp on a daily basis – the cart seats are damp, someone cut in front of her on the course, there was an off-color remark in the grill room, we’re wasting too many scorecards . . . In any event, Saturday night brought a heavy dousing of rain, which left lots of puddles in our dirt cart paths. This did not set well with this member, so naturally she came in to complain to me and a co-worker:
      • Her: Those cart paths are in awful shape!
      • Me: Yes, we’re aware of that.
      • Her: (walking out the door) They need to be fixed!
      • My Co-Worker (under his breath) So do you.

Hit ‘em straight.

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